Artist in the true mold.

About Sarnjit Singh

Sarnjit Singh is an artist cast in the true mould. A mould that is defined by true Indian ethos, a finesse crafted by passion and with an art-knowledge that is a part of a rich legacy handed down by the master Sobha Singh.

As the master Thomas Merton opined “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”, Sarnjit or Sarna as he likes to be addressed, has gifted us some art treasures that have impacted the sensibilities of art lovers worldwide and everyone has reveled in their own interpretation, and the artist cites that each interpretation is correct! This is the effect that his art has – it ignites a response – and one is compelled to share their own definition of the visual.

Sarna’s art expressions span a wide repertoire on diverse mediums.

Born in the cold winters in 1958, Sarna comes across as an era that has reached its zenith in the new century. While very young, he was taken by the celebrated artist Sobha Singh under his tutelage. Sarna the child spent some impressionable years amongst the lofty Himalayas in the famed Kangra valley. The long walks in the woods, the shades of the Chinars and the breezy wild flowers impressed his visualization.

 He assisted the master on some of his works. And this greatly impacted his own styles and brought about a synergistic semblance to his later works.

 Through the years, Sarna benefitted from the direction, vision and mentorship of leading masters as B C Sanyal and others which lent a new dimension to his visualization and form.

 He was sought after by corporate organizations, hospitality managements and government agencies to create definitive works, including murals that were inspiring and left a lasting impact on the viewer that found them immersive.

 The HT Media, Indian Army HQ, ITPO, State of Punjab et al are some of the agencies that commissioned or acquired works of his art.

 As befitting his stature, Sarna has participated in numerous art shows globally.

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